Something Festive for 2019

Intellectual Digital wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays at the end of 2019.

We used custom hinge animations for the box opening feature and a particle effector with gravitation fields to pull all the ball orbs onto the twirling tree. The bounce and friction of each, alongside the light emitting bulbs, feel completely weightless.

We used flame and pyrocluster effectors to create the Menorah flame effects. The flames bounced off the gold metallic material applied to the holiday ornament, and moved with the wind effector.

Using a light wind generator and snowflakes (which were generated in After Effects post rendering) we added finishing touches. The slightly washed and faded post process in After Effects, combined with a simple wind sound effect and soft soundtrack created the perfect final result.

The final result

The final file was a 720p lightweight MP4 that executives shared via Whatsapp and iMessage, maximizing the personal touch.