About Identity Pop Co-Founder Julian Wan

September 22, 2020
Meet Julian Wan

About Julian Julian Wan is a multi-varied creative with a background in advertising, strategy, brand development, campaign management, and experience design. He leads Intellectual Digital’s creative asset development and guides growing subsidiaries in a consultative capacity.

He helped spearhead experiential marketing initiatives at Refinery29, as that brand boomed into a global lifestyle brand for women. His team was the award winning events service for R29’s brand partners and marketing clientele.

At American Apparel, he was part of a global task force assigned to flipping, revamping, restoring, and improving same store sales. He also developed and allocated merchandise and products from inception to point of sale.

Why Identity Pop?

Our society is identity saturated. Beyond the plethora of celebrity faces and social media influencers, brands now hide behind popular identities to create momentum for their product. Suddenly Alec Baldwin is the face of a banking app, or Dennis Rodman is the face of diplomatic detente between DPRK and America. It’s a weird, bizarre time. A 16 year old girl is the global face of Climate Activism. Identity is so intertwined into each aspect of our society, that I genuinely feel bad for the brilliant businesses that have no identity at all. Identity Pop is all about helping companies gain more of an individualized presence in a hyper saturated world.

The Pop Questionnaire

If You Had One Superpower? If I had any superpower, it would be manifestation. Being creative is fun, but maintaining focus on the vision and doing all the legwork to realize the creative vision is a ton of effort. How easy would it be to download whatever my mind sees into reality!

Rather than… trial and error and tinkering and perfection… and spending hours to pull that idea from the ether through work and patience. I could just blip things into existence. That would be cool.

Guilty pleasures? Any sort of spa service. I love getting a massage, or a haircut, or a manicure, but I spend most of the time thinking about the person providing the service, what their life is like, their origin story, etc… And it bothers me, I don’t really enjoy the idea that I’m paying someone to service me. It feels wrong.

Pet peeve? Wet socks, squeaky mechanical things that need WD40, Times Square.

If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life? Baked salmon. Something about the flaky, buttery, simplicity of baked salmon makes me so happy.

Alternative Career? I’d probably run away to some remote island and become a small village’s shaman. It has all the things I love, endless creativity, preponderance of the big stuff, leadership without being “the king”, and lots of fun fashion options.

At the same time, it would feel like “giving up” — and I’d probably dream of being a creative designer in the big apple again...

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