About Identity Pop Co-Founder Leyna Chiang

August 18, 2020
Meet Leyna Chiang

Leyna Chiang is an operational and sales professional with extensive experience in production, sourcing, and merchandising. Her creative and data driven thought process enables her approach in working with any timeline, budget, and team to bring great ideas, events and products to life whether producing a four day VIP blockchain conference event with speakers, catering and talent in 8 business days in the heart of Lower East Side to building a pop up store in 8 weeks at Columbus Circle, Turnstyle. As a multifaceted project manager and product development powerhouse at Fab.com, her work ethic and "magic" ability to produce results earned her a flexible generalist role that empowered her to take on multiple areas of responsibilities. Throughout her varied career, she has worked and consulted at companies that span the breadth of e-commerce, blockchain, home and fashion industries including Dynomighty, CRYPTOHOU.SE and Lazy Susan USA.

Why Identity Pop?

I always enjoyed my roles that bridge the gap between creative and sales. From developing seasonal collections at Lazy Susan USA to capsule collections for Broad City, I worked with cross functional internal and external teams from design, marketing to operations.  I love hearing the stories of founders and their business goals then working behind the scenes to maximize the efforts to help bring it to reality. Through Identity Pop, we specialize in web design, brand development and digital marketing with a focus on growth. We collaborate and work closely with start ups and established companies to bring our efforts to measurable results and revenue.  Our creative agency is located in the heart of NYC and I’m excited to support various businesses from start ups to corporate companies our services. We’re also part of Intellectual Digital Corp. who incubates and invests in new technologies, digital assets and technology platforms so we have a great supportive arm!

The Pop Questionnaire

**The one superpower? **To fly like Superman. Can you imagine how fast you can get around and avoid the traffic and subway delays?! Talk about the views of skyscrapers, canyons, mountains, sunsets and sunrises...!!! And at any given moments with friends overseas that needs me, I can be there in a heartbeat.  **Guilty pleasures? **Salt and Vinegar chips...I can eat bags and bags of them!!! I love traveling international and finding different ones. **Pet peeve? Dirty dishes in the sink. No matter how sick I may be or how tired I am, I have to wash ALL the dishes and put them on the rack to dry.  If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life? Papa Chiang’s Dumplings...do I get to throw in another mention...Mama’s Chiang’s potato salad!!!  ‍Alternative career? **Running Papa Chiang’s Dumplings and serving all of New York my dad’s amazing and infamous dumplings. Don’t believe me...go ask our fans. ;)

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